Amazing Hoya

By: arlene

Sep 26 2012

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Category: flowers, Flowers and Blooms, Home Garden, Nature, photography


Focal Length:5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon DIGITAL IXUS 120 IS

Every time I see a Hoya flower, I am reminded of the early years of childhood when this used to grow in our ancestral house in the province.In every window, there was a  hanging hoya plant and it was a joy to see those tiny clustered,  waxy petals. We used the petals as earring. Hoya is also called waxplant or waxvine. Hoya Carnosa as this specie is known was the first hanging vine I planted in our garden and it took more than two years of waiting before it rewarded me with a lovely, amazing bloom.

2 comments on “Amazing Hoya”

  1. Do you have Sanggumay orchid in your yard? While growing up in Negros Occ. we had lots of orchids and one of which was the Sanggumay. I used to just tie those orchids on tree branches around our yard. The fragrance was incredible. When I close my eyes, I still could imagine the scent. I hope you have the orchid in your garden.

    • Yes, I have around two shoots climbing in our old avocado tree, sadly though, it seldom bear flowers but my Mokara orchids bear blooms every three months.

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