Sometimes, it  frustrates me to take macro shots of food. I never seem to get it right. Here’s one more practice with macro.

I don’t think there is an exact word in English equal to Taho. Wiki says  it is soy/bean curd pudding, a comfort food just like pan de sal among us Filipinos. It is a snack food made of fresh soft tofu, mixed with a flavoring and sweetener we call arnibal and sago pearls. Sago are small tapioca pearls that  are tasteless without the other ingredients.

Every morning, a taho vendor would pass by our place shouting “Tahooo, tahooo”.  I was always tempted to buy but haven’t got around to make him stop in front of our gate until this morning.  It’s been so long since I tasted one. Oh my, I’ve missed it. It is best to eat it while the tofu is still warm.


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